Visual Art & Design Portfolios from A to Z January 17, 2015

by Bryan Holbrook (Repost 03.10.14) Impress When You Present & How to Do It on the Cheap. A Guide for Graduates. At the point you think you’re ready to start looking for work as a visual artist you should know by now that a resume listing your experience isn’t good enough. You’re going to need to show it in a portfolio and how you do that is just as important as the pieces being shown. You need to treat that…

Careers within Graphic Design: A Guide for Visual Arts Graduates December 30, 2014

by Bryan Holbrook (Repost 04.29.14) It’s not uncommon for a student in their graduating year of college to be scared to enter the job market. Actually it’s expected and Visual Communication majors are no exception to the rule. You have taken classes for years and now it’s time to put those hours studying visual hierarchy, page layout, composition and hopefully the Adobe Creative Suite in to practice and if you’re lucky someone is willing to pay you to do it….

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